Sunday, May 22, 2011

5 Beauty Regimens Worth Remembering

These basics not only provide temporary glow and beauty, but one that will last for the rest of your life making you even more beautiful and healthier when done regularly.

1. Exfoliate all over.

Exfoliate at least once a week. Pay a visit to your favorite spa for a queenly body scrub. Or DIY at the comfort of your own home without spending much. You can choose among the stash of body scrubs available in Watson's and department stores.  I use A Bonne Milk Salt Scrub, which smells super yummy by the way, all over my body once a week (Sunday scrub day) as an alternative to soap.  It can be bought at Watson's. If I feel like lathering up before the scrub, I just use Ivory Original (The one wrapped in wax paper, not the boxed ones. It's imported.) sans the loofah.  For the face, I count on the good 'ole Apricot Scrub once a week to do that exfoliating job. This helps remove dead skin cells and leaves skin ultra soft and smooth.  Don't  forget to moisturize after, which leads to the next regimen.

2. Moisturize.
It is a no-brainer. We need to moisturize.
As we all know, after shower is the ideal time to moisturize the skin.  Some even apply body oil instead of body lotion.  This is ok if the weather is cool to prevent dryness, this gives an extra softening effect on the skin.  Applying body oil or moisturizer while skin is not yet completely dry after shower locks in the moisture for that super soft and well moisturized skin.  During days with cool weather, I use Giga Dry Mist Oil in Green Tea Scent on my skin as an alternative to lotion.  Moisturizing is also important for the face as it is for the body, so do not leave your face "unmoisturized".  It is wise to invest in a good facial moisturizer.  Cosmetics glide better on well-moisturized skin.  And remember that good and vibrant skin does not need much make up.

3. Block those UV rays.
If there's one thing my mom did not fail to inculcate in me it's NEVER step out of the house without sunscreen on your skin.  So SPF is very important for me when choosing a facial skin care product.  This is so I would not have to apply (and buy) a separate sunblock cream on (for) my face.  The BB cream I currently use daily has an SPF of 26 - that's enough. You might not notice it today, but when you get older you'll see the harmful effects done by the UV rays on your skin if it was not protected properly during younger years.  This also goes with body lotion, choose the one with SPF (sun protection factor).  So needless to say, generous and frequent application of sunblock lotion, with SPF not lower than 50, before heavy exposure to sun is a MUST. You can also buy sunblock creams for the face.  My mom buys this facial sunblock with an SPF of 110 at the derm clinic we go to.  This is ideal if you'll go swimming, hang out by the beach, and do other activities that require your face to be exposed to the scorching sun, no matter how long or short the exposure time is.  Sun exposure makes aging fast, can produce dark spots, and can even cause skin diseases. And if there's just one thing you will remember about this blog post, please make it this one. Your skin will thank you for it.

4. Get rid of the tips regularly.
A healthy hair requires regular trimming at least once a month.  It does not have to be a full-blown hair cut, just an inch trim would do to get rid of  the split ends and worn out tips. This helps hair grow healthier and look even better.  And not only it makes your hair healthier, it makes you feel good as well.

5. Work out as often as possible.
Work outs not only keep bodies in shape, but keep them healthy as well. Working out gives us endless benefits like reducing risks of heart disease, diabetes, developing colon cancer, helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints, reduces feelings of depression and anxiety, among many others.  So keep that gym membership and pay a visit regularly. Or play your favorite work out video and sweat it out at home, or run or play tennis or badminton.  Yogas, belly dancings and the likes are good ways to also keep us fit and tone our muscles, but do not forget to do cardio work outs once in a while (those that require you to move fast making your heart beat really fast).  It's good for the heart. Make sure to find time doing exercises as they do not only help control weight, but help release toxins and clean the pores through sweating.  It could be the remedy to those blemish and acne problems you've been ranting about for months. ♥

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  1. This is incredible. Thanks for all the tips. I guess, those really will work out for everybody.I will try to do what you have written here. Thanks for sharing.


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