Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Taste of Bali in Malaysia

Being a massage addict, I was so excited when we were told we are going to Malaysia for some spa pampering.  

From Singapore (view blog post of the Singapore trip), Johor Bahru, Malaysia is just 2 hours away by land.  That's our destination on our  third day in Singapore.  As we arrived Johor Bahru, we had a seafood feast lunch in Restoran Todak (blog post soon), and then we went to Rina Balinese Resort for a day of relaxation in this Bali-inspired spa farm.

Rina Balinese Resort is a one-stop nature spa which offers traditional Balinese aromatic massage, firewood herbal steam bath, traditional foot massage, sand spa, body scrub, organic facial, herbal jacuzzi bath, fitness program, fruit orchard tour, fishing, bicycling and other recreations.   They also hold functions and events.

It is quite a drive from the city, far from the hustling vehicles and fast-paced lifestyle.  Staff welcomed all of us with a warm smile, simple garlands and drinks as we arrived the resort.

Then we were immediately ushered onto the pool area where our feet were washed to get us ready for a nice Balinese massage.

I was so excited about the massage.  And the moment I've been waiting for, Aika, Gianine and I were brought to this nipa hut for the massage.  The hut was only covered with curtains, the wind gushing in, and you can hear the sound of nature, real sounds and not recorded unlike in the spas in the urban.

Micheal Bay, CEO of this resort, also a good friend of Tito Rene and Tita Ging, advised us that we only need to raise our fingers to tell the masseuse how hard or light we want the pressure of the message to be, 1,2 or 3.  The massage was so soothing and relaxing.  It lasted for an hour.

After the massage, the masseuse asked each of us to take these five pellet-like tablets.  According to them, these should take out the excess air in our body. Good thing Aika understands Malay.

We did not wore our clothes yet, instead the masseuse gave us these long sarongs because we still have to go to the spring water pool and steam bath.

We rested for a while, and then we dipped into the pool.  The pool felt so good and refreshing as the weather at that time was so hot.  We goofed around and just had fun.  From the pool, we went in and out of the steam bath for that detoxifying effect.

After some hours in the pool area, a staff came to serve us snacks or merienda.  Some food served reminded me well of the typical Filipino merienda.  We had turon (banana roll), banana muffin, coffee, tea, and, of course, my favorite prata would always be present.

After these relaxing activities, Uncle Micheal took us on a tour around the farm where certain plants and animals were being grown and taken cared of.  He asked us to dip our fingers into the coy pond and let the coy suck them, but not all of us tried. Our dads and moms did earlier during their own tour. :)

Dad having his finger sucked by a coy.
Tita Ging doing the same...while shouting. :)
I know coys don't have teeth that could hurt your fingers, but I passed on this one. :p  After the tour we all got going and went to a restaurant called Masterchef to have a very nice dinner.  Thanks to Uncle Michael who had been very kind and warm.

An hour of Javanese Aromatic Massage costs RM 98.  Rina Balinese Resort also offers room cottages for a longer and more comfortable stay in this spa haven.  For other spa services, packages and rates visit their website.  You should definitely pay a visit should you happen to pass by Singapore or Malaysia.  Rina Balinese Resort is located in Lot 2515, Jalam Seelong Jaya 6, Kampung Seelong Jaya, 81400 Senai, Johor, Malaysia (GPS location: +1° 36' 26.76', +103° 42' 22.16°).

Then we headed back to Singapore and called it a day, a very wonderful and relaxing day. ♥

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