Saturday, January 21, 2012

PAMANA: Filipino Family Recipes Worth-Indulging!

Relish the tradition and secret recipes of this family legacy of Filipino cuisine at its finest.  An elegant  looking restaurant that you usually pass by along Aguinaldo Highway when you visit Tagaytay is a haven of mouth-watering Filipino dishes we can all be proud of, with a very nice interior well-thought of.

A week before Christmas, Yan and I went to Tagaytay for our "Christmas dinner" and for a nice weekend free of worries from work, school, and stress of city life.  As I have been wanting to visit this restaurant for so long, my good boyfriend granted my wish and we had dinner at Pamana.

Choosing an order from the menu was just a painstaking process.  Not because the menu was awful, but we just had a hard time choosing from all the dishes because we wanted to try everything!  All the dishes seemed special and delicious.  We could not order much as there were only two of us who will finish the meals.  And after a long decision making process, we opt to have: Aligue Rice, Tokwa't Bagnet and Pamana's Three-Way Adobo

Aligue Rice

Tokwa't Bagnet

Pamana's Three-way Adobo

Pamana's Three-way Adobo gives you the pleasure of enjoying the ultimate Filipino favorite, Adobo, in three different and equally delicious ways: Native Adobo Sapreribs, my favorite of the three - Adobo Flakes, and Puting Adobo.  The restaurant owner and a  third generation member of the Barrio Fiesta clan, Happy Ongpauco, learned these ways of cooking from her three lolas - Mama Chit, Lola Fely and Lola Laling.  Thank you Lolas for these wonderful Adobo recipes!

Not the best of example, but we were not able to finish all of the food on the plates. The servings were quite generous.  And the price was reasonable enough.

Apart from these, there were a handful of other tempting dishes on the menu worth-trying like Manila's Original Crispy Pata (Php 550), Leyte's Humba (Php 310), Caldereta de Vaca (Php 375), Binagoonang Bagnet (Php 365), The Original Bulalo Steak (starts at Php 485), Homemade Ilocano Bagnet (Php 235), Tokwa's Crispy Balat ng Manok or Bangus Belly (Php 230), Pampanga's Sizzling Sisig at Aligue, Crispy Lapu-Lapu with Burong Mangga, Tadyang ng Bakang Maanghang (Php 375), Ribeye Bistek Salpicao (Php 360), Bulalong Cornderbeef (Php 395), The Best Kare Kare, and many more you would have a hard time picking!!!

I also had fun reading each dish's description on the menu as it does not only describe the food, but tells the story of the family tradition behind it as well.  It makes you feel like you are part of that family. 

And of course, the first thing that attracted me way back upon first seeing this restaurant from outside was the seemingly gorgeous, tasteful and clean interiors.  I proved myself right.

Photo by Yan Suñega

Photo by Yan Suñega
Photo by Yan Suñega
Photo by Yan Suñega

Planning to visit Tagaytay soon for its cool air, laid back ambiance, smell of pine trees and a worry-free weekend leaving all the stress of the city life behind?  Drop by Pamana Restaurant for an awesome Filipino dining experience.  PAMANA is located along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay, right beside Boutique Hotel.

Photo by Yan Suñega

We promised that we will try the rest of the dishes on Pamana's menu, prior to getting a nice Thai massage at Ton Ton's, when we get to visit Tagaytay again next Christmas, or sooner! I just can't wait! ♥

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