Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good 'Ole Honey for Straight Hair

Browsing through the shelf of hair care products with no particular purchase in mind, my eyes caught this not-so-attractive bottle of shampoo.  It says, Hair Straight Honey Shampoo.  And at the back the description reads, "An organic shampoo formulated to relax frizzy unmanageable hair". The keywords? HAIR STRAIGHT. HONEY. ORGANIC. Music to my ears.

The brand is Swallow Hair Straight Honey Shampoo. It also has a conditioner with the same name.  The conditioner does not present itself as "organic" in its product description though.  The conditioner's back label reads, "A conditioner with Honey extract especially formulated for dry, brittle, frizzy or unmanageable hair.  With Prolanen B-Complex that optimizes and locks hair moisture to improve  strength and elasticity". This is a product of Japan, and Mom said the brand is pretty old.

There were small bottles of 100ml in Landmark, and so I decided to try them. The labels also claimed the shampoo and conditioner are ideal for newly rebonded, relaxed and straightened hair to maintain straight hair effect.  Even though mine's not, I am still allured to the promise of anti-frizz.

100ml -shampoo Php 57.75; conditioner Php 62.75
200ml - shampoo Php 87.75; conditioner Php 92.75

I was excited to try it the next day.  And I was not disappointed.  

In spite the tremendous stress I had to endure that certain day, my hair made it soft, straight, well-behaved, and good smelling through the day.   It smells really good, like a baby shampoo! Must be the honey.  The shampoo was not that foamy, but I don't really mind. As long as my hair finds this duo good to her, I will keep it in my stash of hair care products.

Let me know if you find these products good too. Drop me a line or two. ♥

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