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Hotel Lumbung Sari: A True Balinese Fitting

It was night when we set foot in Denpasar Airport, fearing the worst from what we've read about airport officers harassing tourists (as one Filipina blogged) and accusing of carrying drugs. That is the last thing we wanted to experience in any trip abroad!  And so there we were, very cautious as we made our way out to the baggage claims.  On our way, Indonesian airport staff greeted us with warm smiles, which made me feel a bit relieved. And then made our way out the airport with no glitch. Flocks of cab drivers mobbed us, but we did not pay attention.  We found one to take us to our hotel which was about a 30-minute drive, and paid IDR 80,000.

After being lost for a while there because our hotel was not the easiest to find, we finally made it and my heart leaped with joy with what I saw.  Our hotel was not a typical modern luxurious high-rise one.  It's like a secluded Balinese mansion which exteriors seem like untouched by the outside modern design influence. Though some rooms' interiors (or most) are already modern. Don't let the meager reception area fool you. When I left the reception and entered the hotel, I told myself, Welcome to Bali.

Photo by Jen Cobarrubias
Hanging out by the pool after spending time at Kuta Beach.

The room we originally booked, we found way too big and antique for us. So we got cold feet and could not imagine how we, four girls, can stay in that Bungalow Suite for four days.

Picture this:  It basically has 3 levels: a lounge where we can hang out, and includes what seems like a kitchen, a main bedroom with a bed for two, and an attic with a bed for two.  It has a small TV, small antique dressers, antique beds, walls and flooring are of antique dark wood. It also has an extra room which was quite big with nothing but a big antique closet. And! The bathroom was inside that room!  I am sure you understand now why we got a little kill joy there. So we checked out a different room.  We found the Family Room which was smaller, has a modern interior, and, well, normal!

Exterior of our room - Family Room

Hotel Lumbung Sari is indeed a perfect place to stay if you want a true Balinese experience.  The staff are friendly and really nice.  Breakfast (toast, butter, jam, coffee / tea, fresh fruit juice) is complimentary and it has free wifi. (Tip: You can bring some cup noodles to fill you up, just ask for hot water.)

Balinese coffee

Toast, butter, jam and fresh watermelon juice for breakfast.

Room Rates:
Room Type Room Rates per night (IDR/Rupiah)
Low High Peak
Standard Room
300 350 400
Family Room
425 475 525
Bungalow Twin/Suite
550 600 650
Deluxe Bungalow
750 800 850

*Extra bed: Rp. 70.000 net/bed/night including breakfast.
*High season period: July 1 - September 15
  Peak season period: December 15 - January 15, Idul Fitri/Lebaran

The tiny road leading to Hotel Lumbung Sari.

Hotel Lumbung Sari is close to the Kuta Beach (5-minute walk), restaurants, shopping area (they give ridiculously high prices for tourists), money changers.  There's a spa called Putri Bali and an affordable restaurant with really awesome food called Warung Kartini just around the corner.  There's also a car rental nearby called Intan Car Rental (  The owner, Wayan Jendra, an 18-year old perky girl, personally drove us to the airport going home. She was really nice, it was a fun drive.


The hotel also offers tour service, laundry service, and rents out motor bikes.

Hotel Lumbung Sari 
Jalan Three Brothers, Legian Tengah, Kuta, Bali
Tel:  +62 361 728771

For more information and booking, go to

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