Sunday, January 19, 2014

Get a FREE Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil: Just Answer the Survey!

Hey lovelies! Here's the thing, I am on my last hurrah for my graduate school program which I have been taking for about three years now. It's been a ride. Now I need you to help me finish it by answering a survey for my graduate school thesis, and the best part is you can win a Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil as my thank you gift! 

To answer the survey, just click here
(Or simply copy this link to your browser address bar: ) 

Your participation in my survey is highly appreciated.  I hope you'll have fun taking it. It's not that long anyway, just about 2 minutes of your time. I hope you can answer the survey as best and as truthful as you can.

I will get in touch with the lucky respondent soon through email. I will also announce it via our Facebook page. So make sure to like our page!


-Monique ♥


Winner of this promo is Jhe David.
Congratulations, Jhe!

To everyone who answered my survey, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. :)

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