Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wedding Preps Series: An Awesome Wedding Need Not Be Super Expensive

Every girl dreams of being a bride on her own fairy tale wedding.  As I grow up and take on adult responsibilities, realizations dawned on me that it is not practical to splurge most of our hard-earned money for a one-day event. Yes, it may be one of the most important days of our lives, but I cannot bear the thought of spending half a million bucks just for that. I just can't.  

Before I begin, let me clarify that this is my opinion and I truly respect the opinions of others who'd rather have grand weddings. Many believe that it's a once in a lifetime event, which is true, and worth-splurging for. Dream weddings vary and do what makes you happy.

Now that I am clear with that and hopefully no bride-to-be's will bash me, I will begin...

Last year I bought a condo unit and, of course, I am paying for its amortization. With that being said, I do not have the liberty now of splurging on unnecessary things.  I grew up being money-wise, thanks to my mom. I usually do not splurge on expensive things even if I have money to do so. I have never in my life experienced being "broke" or short of cash because I always make saving a priority. (Plus the fact that I do not pay for rent, food, power bills, etc. right now) With a condo unit I am paying for, it would be impractical to do a really expensive wedding.

Luckily, I have always imagined my wedding to be a small one, intimate rather than grand.  Surrounded only by our closest family and friends. That's my dream wedding.

Three principles I am sticking with:
  1. Spend on what matters
  2. Maximize your budget
  3. Creativity is the key

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Surfin' La Union: A Guide for Surfer Newbies by a Non-Surfer

I have only tried surfing twice - first time was in San Juan, La Union, the other in Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte straight after camping in Calaguas Island.  I am no pro when it comes to surfing, that's certain. I can even barely make it to the shore atop my board. But I'd love to share these tips based on the experiences I had as an adventure-seeking traveler who tried surfing even if it got the best of me, just because I ONLY LIVE ONCE. Please note that the tips below are solely based on my experiences as a first-timer in San Juan, La Union with no professional background in surfing whatsoever. 

Surfing is not as easy as it looks.  It requires strength, balance, endurance and tons of patience and will power. Let's begin!


Knowing how to swim is an advantage, as always.
Do you really need to know how to swim to be able to surf?  First of all, knowing how to swim is crucial if you are a fan of outdoor adventures, especially water sport activities. Swimming enables you to try more activities without the fear of getting drowned.  It is a big advantage when doing any water sport activity. Even if swimming is not really required, you will feel more confident doing the sport because you know whatever happens you can swim. Same goes with newbie surfing.

Hire a surfing instructor even if you are the bravest person on Earth.
So you know how to swim, in fact you are good at it.  You're a dare devil and you want to prove you are brave and can take on any sport activity. Can you try learning to surf by yourself? Na-ah! I don't think so. Unless you have a surfer pro friend who is willing to teach you, you need to hire a professional surfer instructor.  It's non-negotiable.  When you get on that surf board in the sea for the first time, you will see what I mean.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wedding Preps Series: Party Venue Booked!

After one more week of thinking it over, considering other options, researching, reading forums and blogs, we went back to Light of Love to finally book the place for our big day.

As mentioned in my previous post, when we had our first ocular last week there was a wedding reception going on (exact time as we'll be having ours) that's why we weren't able to roam around the room.

When we came back yesterday we had the whole place to ourselves, and I loved it even more. We can envision our after-wedding party happening here. It's perfect for us, for what we wanted.

Here it is!

I'm in love with the glass ceiling and huge chandelier.
Our wedding party will be under the stars. ♡

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