Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wedding Preps Series: Big Day is Coming!

We are barely two weeks away from our wedding day! I just can't believe it! Looking at my list I still have a lot to do! Yes. More than a year of planning, and here I am weeks from my wedding and I am still busy.

Quickly grabbed my tablet for updates. I missed you all bride to be's. My biggest dilemma is my wedding dress. It won't fit me comfortably since I got back from Cambodia 2 weeks ago. Imagine my horror. Since then I've been working out religiously, I'm watching my diet. No rice for now. Limited carb intake. I'm also drinking One Earth's Detox Trim Tea which seems to be effective. Since I started drinking it, I don't feel bloated at all.  I am selling a few more boxes, so email me if you're in need.  I don't starve myself - no one should! I just eat right. More fiber, whole grains are great, low fat yogurt, nuts, fruits ans veggies, fish, chicken breast. Easy on beef and pork.  I have no doubts I can fit into my dress comfortably again before the wedding. But I admit, I resent everything I ate in Cambodia.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wedding Preps Series: Marriage License Application in Manila

I know we all hate this part right here.... (cue: I Hate This Part by Pussycat Dolls) 
But we do not have a choice, do we? If you are getting married, you must get a marriage license. So my post is here to help. We've already secured our license a month ago. Since I am from Manila we applied it in Manila City Hall.  It isn't as hard as we think, relax.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wedding Preps Series: Two Months to Go!

We're getting there. In two months we will tie the knot and we are so excited! That one day we have prepared for for more than a year will finally come. Two months!!!

So in terms of getting things accomplished, we're  almost done with all of the major stuff, as well as most minor things.  A rundown of our suppliers:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Road to Forever: Our Road Trip Themed Pre-nup Shoot

One sunny day in February, ten months away from our wedding, there we were driving, admiring Sierra Madre and posing for our pre-nup shoot. 

From the start we know what we wanted for our pre-nup shoot, we want it to be casual, fun and light. We want it to reflect us as a couple, and not some stiff actors or models the photographers want us to be.  When we first met Liz RaƱola of Imagine Nation, our wedding photographer, and told her about our concept for the pre-nup shoot, she was giddy and excited. It made us even more excited too.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ask Monique: Dangwa Florist

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend. Thank goodness I managed to squeeze in an entry, here's another mail from a reader. She was referring to my wedding florist post found here.

Hi Monique! This is Tina congratulations and best wishes :) thanks for your blog now i know where to get affordable and quality flower arrangements that we need, we are also getting married next year February,garden setting, im also maximizing our budget this blog is really helpful, i also love to put personal touch on our wedding,im planning to also do the aisle arrangements as you've shown, surely i'll look forward for more of your blogs re: wedding preps etc, thank you so much also if you are not busy pls do me a favor if you found something cool and amazing about wedding supplies or anything regarding weddings pls let me know :) gomeztinamarieyahoo.com thank you PS just a question,
 are the rates they gave from the wedding expo also the same rate when you go to their shop? thanks :) 

coz im searching for more of your blogs i found this page :)


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Affordable and Authentic Korean Barbecue in Makchang Korean Restaurant Ermita

Our family loves Korean food so much. Ye Dang in Ortigas is our usual go-to place whenever we crave for some authentic Korea food.  One Friday after we went to the National Museum, Mom, Dad and myself, we went to Makchang in Ermita, Manila which my sister always recommends.

Makchang grills using traditional charcoal, unlike other Korean barbecue restaurants which use electric or gas grillers. That's why you will get that authentic charcoal-smokey flavor on the meat. So good!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Winner Beef Wanton Mami in Charlie Wanton Special

One of the things I love about Saturdays lately is Yan and I get to tick something off our wedding checklist while spending QT together getting the chance to explore different restaurants along the way.

We always pass by this humble Chinese restaurant called Charlie Wanton Special when we transverse the San Juan route which is Yan's favorite route on a weekend going north. Yan said it should be good because there are lots of vehicles parked in front of it every time we pass by. We always tell ourselves we'll go there one of these days. One Saturday after some errands for our wedding in the area, we finally went to Charlie Wanton Special and tried their best-seller Beef Wanton Noodle Soup, and the giant siopao.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ask Monique: Wedding Preparations

The first mail that I will feature is from fellow bride-to-be Grace sent to me a couple of months ago. My reply to her can be very informative for most bride-to-be's because she sure did asked a lot of questions! Haha! I love answering mails and helping out soon-to-be brides like myself. Here we go!


Hi Monique,

This is Grace, soon to be bride as well, like you. I came across your blog upon searching HMUA. Thank you for your article about Berny Tia. Will be meeting her soon. :) I found your site interesting. And I think we have the same personality. I just wish I could also have my own site. By the way, did you have coordinators already? I'm waiting for your blog. Hehehe I'm having a hard time looking bec of limited budget. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kapitolyo Foodie Bucket List: Got to Love Desserts at Karen's Kitchen

My craving for a good Red Velvet cake led me to visit this recently opened love-themed restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig - Karen's Kitchen.  This was after a hearty lunch on a rainy Saturday at BullChef also in Kapitolyo.  Kapitloyo's such a foodie haven!

Aside from the heavenly desserts, Karen's Kitchen's ambiance is also so charming and interesting.

The Red Velvet was moist and soft. Yan loved it so much. This cake was awarded Top 10 Red Velvet in Spot.ph's Top 10 Food Awards 2014. While I just fell head over heels for the Sitcky Toffee Pudding! It has a texture and flavor I find so delightful. I have to admit I have never quite tasted anything like it.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wedding Preps Series: Half-Year Mark!

Since we reached the 6 months mark, I'm getting more excited and into it. I more frequently go through my checklist now and I'm more focused in getting things done ASAP. It's been almost a year since we got engaged. Aside from the materialistic wedding planning stuff, I feel that our relationship continues to grow as we happily anticipate our wedding and plan it together.  It was certainly a challenge and a beautiful experience.

Our event planner from Hizon's Catering contacted me the other day for the final detailing schedule. How time flies!!!  It's scheduled next month. I've also locked up a date for our first meeting with our OTD wedding coordinator, Events Simplified,  sometime August. I have more events at work this year and need to travel more frequent, so I make sure to accomplish as much we can while I'm in town. 

My main target is to accomplish the wedding requirements. I look at this aspect of the wedding planning as a tedious job, but as I review the process and requirements, it seems it is not so complicated after all. We already have all the forms needed from our church, but looks like it's still too early to get these done, so we just have to wait. Good thing the priest who will officiate our wedding is my mom's friend, so less hassle to get things signed, secure certain certificates, have misallette approved, etc. The marriage license we also need to wait until August before we can apply since it's validity is only 4 months. Now this is the waiting game.

Next thing was the Growing Up AVP which I promised I will personally create. I've taken a crack on it, and actually found it therapeutic. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Davao City From Sunrise to Sundown

After three awesome days of stay in the island of Samal which amazed, re-charged and relaxed us, we went to Davao City for another night before flying back to the busy metro.  We went back to Sasa Wharf via RORO from Samal, and from there took a cab to Green Windows Dormitel in Davao City which took us about an hour.

Lucky because we got to check in early. We did not have time to rest, after settling down in our room we grabbed our gear, left the comforts of our compact yet stylish air-conditioned boutique budget room to head out to a hot afternoon for our city tour - no time to waste!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Vanilla Custard Pudding Recipe

I looove puddings! They're one of the best desserts there is. My taste buds adore simple flavors, and I'm just head over heels with vanilla puddings. I recently saw "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" episode in Macau where he featured steamed milk pudding, among other Macanese dishes. I've been to Macau several times, but I've never tried this dessert. My craving for it led me to make one. It's so easy and the ingredients are commonly found in your kitchen. Here it is! My own version of milk pudding which I'll name Vanilla Custard Pudding - yum! I also did a version with a twist of health benefits - Custard Chia Pudding.

Wedding Preps Series: Dangwa Florist Booked

Flowers is one thing (of the things) I don't want to splurge on for our wedding. I'd rather receive something edible than flowers that I have no use of and will wilt after a few days. I don't hate flowers,  they're beautiful creations of God, I just don't find it worthy to spend so much on them. Unfortunately, we need flowers for our wedding and flower arrangements can be really expensive, there's nothing I can do about those two facts of life. But, I can do something to lessen the cost of flowers - there always is!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Samal Island in Three Awesome Days

The airfare to Davao is always expensive and it's very rare that you get to catch it in a really low rate, so when I did it's a no-brainer. Another impromptu lucky seat sale booking led us to the paradise of Davao.

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Davao - 2 nights in Samal Island and the last night in Davao City.
In this post, I will walk you through our Samal Island escapade which Yan and I really enjoyed.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wedding Preps Series: Divisoria Finds Part 1

It's our first trip for our wedding needs to the wonderland you'll hate and love at the same time - Divisoria. It was exhausting as much as fulfilling and exciting.

Some of our finds today:

In Juan Luna St., I got some art supplies that I need for DIY-ing. You can't get them in retail, only wholesale.  The Japanese paper (for the paper poms) was P25 per pack of 24 pcs. I also got some coloring and activity books for our kids entourage for P78 per dozen - what a steal! I wasn't able to buy crayons,  but they were priced at P90 per dozen (packs of 8).  I was supposed to buy some illustration boards and brown folders, but minimum purchase requirement was too many for my needs. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wedding Preps Series: Why Am I Marrying Anyway?

It's been several months since I started The Wedding Preps Series to share the nitty gritty of our wedding planning. I wrote about wedding suppliers, venues, budget perspectives and tips. Wedding planning is always so much focused on the logistics aspect, but I must not forget that it will happen only because of one thing, and one thing alone: I will marry a man. It's just right that I write about the very reason why I'm preparing for such celebration. (Even though I know he hates attention.) It's Valentine's after all.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Wedding Preps Series: Entourage Cards and Pre-nup Shoot Preps

Happy New Year! It's less than a year to go before our big day! I've been so lazy lately. I enjoyed the Holidays so much, I didn't lift a finger to do any wedding prep since November. I'm thinking, I want to get married already and start decorating our home! Guess I started planning too early, and now I seem to be losing interest in this whole wedding planning. But now that it's already 2015, we need to get back to work.

I've started sending out e-cards to some of our entourage. Mostly secondary sponsors only - who are siblings and cousins. The rest we'll inform later when we get to finalize the entire list.

Here are some of the cards I made. I had fun doing them all. This brought my excitement back, and I can say: now we're talking! This is it. We're moving forward.

Yes, these give away our motif. I might do a separate post about motifs soon.

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