Saturday, July 25, 2015

Winner Beef Wanton Mami in Charlie Wanton Special

One of the things I love about Saturdays lately is Yan and I get to tick something off our wedding checklist while spending QT together getting the chance to explore different restaurants along the way.

We always pass by this humble Chinese restaurant called Charlie Wanton Special when we transverse the San Juan route which is Yan's favorite route on a weekend going north. Yan said it should be good because there are lots of vehicles parked in front of it every time we pass by. We always tell ourselves we'll go there one of these days. One Saturday after some errands for our wedding in the area, we finally went to Charlie Wanton Special and tried their best-seller Beef Wanton Noodle Soup, and the giant siopao.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ask Monique: Wedding Preparations

The first mail that I will feature is from fellow bride-to-be Grace sent to me a couple of months ago. My reply to her can be very informative for most bride-to-be's because she sure did asked a lot of questions! Haha! I love answering mails and helping out soon-to-be brides like myself. Here we go!


Hi Monique,

This is Grace, soon to be bride as well, like you. I came across your blog upon searching HMUA. Thank you for your article about Berny Tia. Will be meeting her soon. :) I found your site interesting. And I think we have the same personality. I just wish I could also have my own site. By the way, did you have coordinators already? I'm waiting for your blog. Hehehe I'm having a hard time looking bec of limited budget. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kapitolyo Foodie Bucket List: Got to Love Desserts at Karen's Kitchen

My craving for a good Red Velvet cake led me to visit this recently opened love-themed restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig - Karen's Kitchen.  This was after a hearty lunch on a rainy Saturday at BullChef also in Kapitolyo.  Kapitloyo's such a foodie haven!

Aside from the heavenly desserts, Karen's Kitchen's ambiance is also so charming and interesting.

The Red Velvet was moist and soft. Yan loved it so much. This cake was awarded Top 10 Red Velvet in's Top 10 Food Awards 2014. While I just fell head over heels for the Sitcky Toffee Pudding! It has a texture and flavor I find so delightful. I have to admit I have never quite tasted anything like it.
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