Friday, September 25, 2015

Road to Forever: Our Road Trip Themed Pre-nup Shoot

One sunny day in February, ten months away from our wedding, there we were driving, admiring Sierra Madre and posing for our pre-nup shoot. 

From the start we know what we wanted for our pre-nup shoot, we want it to be casual, fun and light. We want it to reflect us as a couple, and not some stiff actors or models the photographers want us to be.  When we first met Liz RaƱola of Imagine Nation, our wedding photographer, and told her about our concept for the pre-nup shoot, she was giddy and excited. It made us even more excited too.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ask Monique: Dangwa Florist

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend. Thank goodness I managed to squeeze in an entry, here's another mail from a reader. She was referring to my wedding florist post found here.

Hi Monique! This is Tina congratulations and best wishes :) thanks for your blog now i know where to get affordable and quality flower arrangements that we need, we are also getting married next year February,garden setting, im also maximizing our budget this blog is really helpful, i also love to put personal touch on our wedding,im planning to also do the aisle arrangements as you've shown, surely i'll look forward for more of your blogs re: wedding preps etc, thank you so much also if you are not busy pls do me a favor if you found something cool and amazing about wedding supplies or anything regarding weddings pls let me know :) thank you PS just a question,
 are the rates they gave from the wedding expo also the same rate when you go to their shop? thanks :) 

coz im searching for more of your blogs i found this page :)


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