Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wedding Preps Series: Big Day is Coming!

We are barely two weeks away from our wedding day! I just can't believe it! Looking at my list I still have a lot to do! Yes. More than a year of planning, and here I am weeks from my wedding and I am still busy.

Quickly grabbed my tablet for updates. I missed you all bride to be's. My biggest dilemma is my wedding dress. It won't fit me comfortably since I got back from Cambodia 2 weeks ago. Imagine my horror. Since then I've been working out religiously, I'm watching my diet. No rice for now. Limited carb intake. I'm also drinking One Earth's Detox Trim Tea which seems to be effective. Since I started drinking it, I don't feel bloated at all.  I am selling a few more boxes, so email me if you're in need.  I don't starve myself - no one should! I just eat right. More fiber, whole grains are great, low fat yogurt, nuts, fruits ans veggies, fish, chicken breast. Easy on beef and pork.  I have no doubts I can fit into my dress comfortably again before the wedding. But I admit, I resent everything I ate in Cambodia.

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