Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wedding Series: Stress-free Entourage Outfits Organization

It's been a while! I have been struggling to find time to continue the wedding series, finally I get to sit down and start on it again. It has been one year since we got married, and there are so much I would love to share that might be able to help out upcoming brides. Let me start on the outfits of our entourage, and how we managed to make this part of our wedding planning stress-free and fun.

Our Entourage

The usual wedding practice when it comes to the entourage outfits was the entourage members pay for their own. The bride and groom usually are the ones who coordinate the making or ordering of these outfits. When it comes to the guys, it's a lot easier since the couple does not usually have to worry about it as the guys simply need to get their own suits or barongs - the look is pretty standard. Unless there is a specific outfit that the couple would want to have custom-made for them to wear. On the other hand, ladies's outfits are more meticulous because these are, more often than not, custom-made to match the motif or theme of the wedding. This part right here of the wedding planning could be tedious.

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